Space Ships and Astronauts – July 8,2011

Posted: July 8, 2011 in Astronauts, history, illustrations by John Dyess, Space Shuttle, Space,Apollo-13,exploration
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Detail of a painting of the Space Shuttle by John Dyess

There is the Greatest  Generation,The Baby Boomers,Tweener Generation ,Generation X , Generation Next and the Silent Generation , which includes those of us born between 1925 and 1945. I would like to call us the Space Generation. I was born in 1939 .

When I was eleven years old I rode a city bus with my brother Ronald and ,I believe, one of his friends to see the movie Destination Moon,which got me hooked on science fiction and Space.

Poster of the movie Destination Moon

Today I watched the launch of the final Space Shuttle mission and felt the same excitement  I felt when I watched Alan Shepard lift off to a sub orbital flight in the Mercury capsule called Freedom 7.

Astronaut and a Atlas Rocket with a Mercury Capsule painted by John Dyess in 1966

I watched many of the Mercury and Gemini launches and knew people that worked at McDonnell Douglas,the company that designed and built  these space craft.

My next post will be a continuation of my journey of seeing of space ships and astronauts.


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