Oil paintings of my grandchildren – Brady

Posted: July 20, 2011 in oil paintings, Paintings by John Dyess, paintings of children
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painting of Brady by John Dyess

This oil on canvas portrait is of  my grandson Brady who is the younger brother of Mason. This portrait was the second painting completed in my series of  six paintings of my grandchildren. I composed three of the six portraits to show the whole figure in the  environment my grandchild lived at the time I painted the portrait. At the time the reference photos of Brady were taken, he had a large collection of toy cars that he enjoyed playing with. This was the easiest portrait to compose and was an accidental capture with my camera. I had my camera at a birthday party for my grandson Mason and after the party I noticed Brady playing with his toy cars in the afternoon sunlight. I rapidly took several photos of Brady and chose this pose to paint. I returned another day to take reference photos of the  toy garage and a  different  arrangement of cars surrounding the garage. I combined about three photos in photoshop to create the composition of the painting.

  1. Rj Shay says:

    John, would love to see your originals…or A original. Beautiful work and beautiful children!

    • johndyess says:

      Bob,The originals are in the homes of my grandchildren,two portraits in Kansas,two portraits in Mexico,Missouri and two in the St.Louis area. Several were accepted in shows at the St.louis Artists’ Guild and all of them where shown at a retrospective show of my work at Union Avenue Christian Church several years ago. Thank’s for your kind words.

  2. Rj Shay says:

    Or I should say…AN original. Damn fingers!

  3. Glenn Myers says:

    Your grandchildren are being treated to a rare treasure, each one.

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