Still Life painting -August 2011

Posted: August 18, 2011 in art,John_Dyess, mixed medium paintings, still life painting
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Wicker Basket

I just finished this still life painting of a wicker basket with apples and pears last week. The process began over a year ago but I put the unfinished painting away for a while. The process began by setting up a still life and taking a series of digital photographs of the still life from different angles and selecting one point of view to use for the painting. I have used this “birds eye” view on other still life paintings because of my interest in the shadow the objects create. The next step is to work on the photo digitally and when I am satisfied with the results I make ,usually, a black and white print to mount down on a heavy art board ,but in this painting I printed a color photo. I then draw and  paint on the the print until I am satisfied with the results. The first area I painted was the blue on the table the wicker was setting on. I used a technical black pen to add texture to the fruit and basket and acrylic paint to the fruit to add depth. I like the look of this digital and traditional technique.  Is it a painting or a photograph? To me it is a tangible object to look at that  doesn’t just  exist  on a computer screen.


  1. Glenn Myers says:

    So what you are doing is merging your masterful fluid hand with the mechanical camera by putting amazing flesh on digital “bones” ? Like the best of both worlds. Always a special treat when you share these works I appreciated the flat, poster like quality of the I – 70 series also.

  2. johndyess says:

    Glenn, You always describe my work better than I can. Thanks again for your kind words.

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