illustration by Keith Bendiss printed on the cover of Art Direction magazine Jan 1992

change – make or become different , move from one to another , arrive at a fresh phase

I’ve kept this cover of Print magazine ,illustrated by Keith Bendiss, since the early 1990’s,because this illustration spoke to me about the changes illustrators would have to make, in the way they worked. The change began many years before when Steve Jobs introduced the first Macintosh computer. The real introduction came in the third quarter advertisement during the Super Bowl game of 1984.   Without Adobe software this change for illustrators and graphic designers may not have happened. Adobe Systems Incorporated is an American computer software company founded in 1982. The company has historically focused upon the creation of multimedia and creativity software products. In the mid 1980’s they introduced the consumer software Adobe Illustrator  for Apple Macintosh and in 1989, Adobe introduced a graphics editing program for Macintosh called Photoshop.In 1993, Adobe introduced PDF and Adobe Acrobat and Reader software.

The illustration by Keith Bendiss was created traditionally,using tools like those running away from the invading computer.

So what tools do my wife and I use today,well both digital and traditional and since my wife Carolyn is a graphic designer she uses various software ,lnDesign,Illustrator and photoshop to name a few. I create my illustrations using a combination of digital,mostly photoshop, and traditional paint, pencils,pen, ink and the technology of copy machines. Below are photos I took of our traditional tools,which are more interesting visually, to me, than my plastic Adobe imac.

Traditional art tools


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