M.C. Escher – an artist whose work I admire and why I admire his work

Posted: August 30, 2011 in M.C. Escher, Time passing
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Other World 1947 by M.C. Escher

M.C. Escher (1898-1972 ) The following is a paragraph from an article M.C. Escher wrote titled Approaches to Infinity. This paragraphs speaks about creating a universe on a two-dimensional surface.

No one can draw a line that is not a boundary line; every line spits a sinqularity into a plurality. Every closed contour,no matter what its shape ,whether a perfect circle or an irregular random form,evokes in addition the notions of “inside” and “outside” and the suggestion of “near” and “far away,” of “object” and “background.”  The dynamic,regular ticking of the clock each time we pass a boundary line on our journey through space is no longer heard,but we can replace it,in our static medium,by periodic repetition of similarly shaped figures on our paper surface,closed forms which border on each other,determine each other’s shape,and fill the surface in every direction as far as we wish.

Reptiles 1943 M.C. Escher

Sky and Water 1 1938 M.C. Escher

When I look at M.C. Eschers work I sense that I am looking at the world inside his mind, I feel I have taken a journey into a new world that has no time or boundaries.


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