Alexander Toth – EC comic,Frontline Combat

Posted: September 1, 2011 in Alexander Toth, Comic book art
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Cover illustration for Frontline Combat Nov. 8 Sept.- Oct. 1952

I received this comic book Frontline Combat by mail in 1952 and it came with a plain brown cover. This was the first of many comics I received by mail or purchased at a drug store, from “EC – An Entertainment Comic ” ,that included, Frontline Combat,Two Fisted Tales,Aces High,Weird Science, Weird Fantasy .


page 7 "Thunderjet" drawn by Alexander Toth

This story “Thunderjet was the first story I read from Frontline Combat,which was published in 1952. The artist was Alexander Toth,who I  admire more now than in 1952. He was about 24 years old when this story was drawn and I am in awe of his ability at this young age. I especially like his different points of view on each panel ,which enhances the story. Other wonderful artists that created visual stories for EC were to name a few, Jack Davis, Wally Wood, Severin and Elder, and more that I haven’t listed.


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