Outdoor Life – This Happened to Us -June,July 1997

Posted: September 2, 2011 in fishing illustration, Outdoor Life Illustration, watercolor
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Illustration for Outdoor Life by John Dyess

Today I showed this illustration I created for Outdoor Life Magazine in 1997,to the illustration class I teach at Meramec Community College. I also showed them two other illustrations  I had created for from the same article which was called “This Happened to Us” ,which were true stories that happened to editors of Outdoor Life. This illustration was created using pencil and liquid acrylic paint. The size is 16″ high by 24″wide. The model for the fisherman is my friend Ken Dowd who is an excellent Illustrator. This was a good assignment except something went wrong with the color of the illustrations when they were printed in the magazine, for it seems it might have been a bad scan from my original artwork which I had mailed to the art director. It looked like the cyan plate was  weak. I was very disappointed when I saw my illustrations in the magazine. So it goes.

  1. Glenn Myers says:

    Weak cyan or not, this illustration works very well even if it’s a little low key. You caught the action involved and the message was delivered. As per usual with you.

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