Young Man on a Motorcycle 15"high by 18" wide by John Dyess

A friend asked, after viewing yesterdays post”Young Man On A MotorCycle”, if I would show the other versions of this digital painting,so I am posting two additional versions. The above is created traditionally using pen and ink on paper and is 15″ high by 18″ wide. This took a more time than the digital painting.

Young Man on a Motorcycle 10.25 inches high by 12.25 wide.

This version is smaller than the above painting and has more texture. It is 10.25 high  by 12.25 wide. These two renditions show the young man driving away down the highway. I took many photos, of the model and his motorcycle,  from different angles and selected this pose because I liked the shapes in the motorcycle seen from this viewpoint .

When I am creating art for myself and not a client I experiment with new techniques and new ways of seeing. I may do multiple versions of the same theme.



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