Fading Flower

It has been almost a year since I began my “Journal of Seeing ” and I have enjoyed sharing a bit of my personal and family history,but it is the sharing my work that I have most enjoyed. I appreciate your taking time to view my blog and have enjoyed the kind comments by those that have taken the time to share their thoughts about my work.

I have decided to change the focus of my blog by sharing just my personal work that maybe only I enjoy viewing. I want to just share the work that is fun and meaningful to me.

I will also continue sharing the work of my friends and work of others that I admire. My Friday posts until May will be geared to the students in Illustration 1 and 2 class at Meramec Community College, that I teach.

I am a better visual artist than I am a writer so I will be keeping my limiting my comments .

I hope you enjoy viewing my visual art as I enjoy sharing it.

John Foster Dyess

  1. Dev says:

    Thanks for sharing your art and yourself. It has been fun. I look forward to the next phase.

  2. Glenn Myers says:

    Keep it coming, John. To see what is fun to you now is just as interesting as seeing all the great and interesting projects that you were hired to do in the past whether recent or “back there”… Maybe even more so,huh?

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