Fabric Wall Hanging – by Carolyn Dixon Dyess

Posted: October 5, 2011 in abstract art, Carolyn Dixon Dyess, Fiber and Fabric Art
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Fabric wall hanging 1 by Carolyn Dyess

I have always been interested in fiber and fabric art and wanted to explore it,but never really devoted enough time to it. This past summer I took a fabric collage workshop taught by Chris Burton and had a great time working with the fabric pieces and assembling them. I created this piece first. It is about 12 x 14 inches. Parts of it are fused together and parts of it are sewn on the sewing machine. It’s just a start but it makes me want to do more of these.

Carolyn Dixon Dyess

  1. Glenn Myers says:

    Fun stuff! One of a kind “bags” would be a popular seller, betcha! The neat thing about fabric is it could be made into something wearable or hangable or settable. You and John are starting to strike out in exciting ways.

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