Ok,so the movie scene in yesterday’s blog post was Rebel Without a Cause. It was on AMC the other night and I recorded it so I could see how my opinion of this movie had changed after 50 years. I watched part of it and realized I couldn’t relate to the characters as I had as a youth. The three teenagers were from wealthy families and didn’t seem to lack physical comforts,they just had strange parents. I turned off the sound and watched it in fast forward mode and enjoyed the camera set-ups and art direction which was very creative. I also picked up on symbols I hadn’t noticed when I saw this movie as a teen-ager. I will share some of my thoughts tomorrow on the these symbols.

  1. Jim Trotter says:

    hi john. looks like you used Cutout . Jim

  2. Dev says:

    I’m really enjoying this segment. What an interesting idea. What is it you look for in a potential painting from a film? Just something that catches the eye or something connected to meaning of the film for you? Looking forward to tomorrow’s post.

  3. Glenn Myers says:

    Cool enough. Sometime, try the iconic James Dean with his feet propped up in his old truck from”Giant”. This sorta cubist mosaic works!

    • johndyess says:

      Thanks Glenn.I think I’ll stay on the movie theme for a while. There is a lot to learn from movie art directors for illustrators and I think movie art directors learned a lot from illustrators in the past.

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