scenes from Rebel without a Cause – mirrors.

Posted: October 14, 2011 in James Dean, movies, Rebel without a cause movie.
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While watching “Rebel Without a Cause” this week,I realized I had missed a lot of subtle visual images the first time I viewed this movie. I was a teenager then and was more interested in the relationship between parents and their teenage children. One thing I discovered was the mirror theme in the movie. Below I have selected scenes with mirrors from “Rebel Without a Cause”

Jim,Judy and Plato


Judy and her mirror

Judy leaves her mirror on the chair at the police station where Jim finds it. Plato sees Jim in his mirror which is on the insde of his locker door and below the mirror is a photo of the actor Alan Ladd. Judy is looking in another mirror while sitting on Jim’s Mercury. She looks up and realizes she saw Jim at the Police station. I drew a line on the scene capture to show the line of sight the director chose.

Jim and mirror and Jim returning Judy's mirror she left at the Police station

Jim's parents and their bathroom mirror

If anyone has ideas on what the mirrors represent I would like to hear from you. Visual images I like are the color selections and the “point of view” selected by the director. I may post additional thoughts on this movie.






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