Posted: October 17, 2011 in art,John_Dyess
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I created this image of a Zebra last week while I was recovering from a medical procedure. I have been working on this style for about three years and feel I am ready to display this direction to clients. I took a picture of several Zebras at the St. Louis Zoo several years ago and use one of the Zebras as a starting point for this image. I used the photoshop filter cutout as an underlay for this digital painting,but that was just the very beginning. I used a mouse and the paintbrush tool to refine the many shapes and was still refining this morning and will refine some more later today.

My computer didn’t create this, it was a tool; like a traditional paint brush or pencil or ink pen is just a tool. Putting a filter over a photo and then stopping is for non professionals.

The turning point for me was adding the word to the image.

  1. Glenn Myers says:

    Such a great poster image! You’ve certainly earned your stripes, haven’t you? Hope you’re recovering well and ahead of schedule.

  2. oilmedown says:

    Good Afternoon John,

    I am in awe of Zebras, because of what they represent…individuality…due to the fact that their stripes come in different patterns unique to each individual.

    I hope all is well and your image is nice.

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