High Noon – the movie,1951 – street scene

Posted: October 26, 2011 in movie "High Noon"
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Street sequence from the movie High Noon 1951

The movie High Noon, made in 1951 and directed by Fred Zinnemann, is still at the top of my list of  favorite movies.

“The climax follows in a fairly spectacular shot (impossible to obtain with a zoom lens) starting close on the Marshal and moving into the longest possible boom-shot of the entire town,the empty street and the tiny forlorn shape of the man turning and starting to walk towards his destiny.” Fred Zinnemann from the book “Fred Zinnemann An Autobiography”

I am attracted to this movie by the visual images,the music and by the story.

Several years ago I illustrated a story for the magazine Medical Economics,which borrowed the idea of the street seen from above. Instead of a Marshal heading for a gun fight, it was doctors ready to fight an insurance company.

  1. Anonymous says:

    I hope the next post is your fight with the insurance company!!

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