High Noon – clocks

Posted: November 1, 2011 in clocks, The movie High Noon, Time passing
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clock scenes in the movie High Noon

I have returned to one of my favorite movies,which is High Noon, released in 1951. I have captured some of the scenes of clocks,which were important to the story.

“Finally,a few technical comments which may perhaps be of interest.In developing the visual style I used three separate elements:

One :the threat-hanging over the entire movie,the motionless railroad tracts,always static.

Two: the victim-looking for help,in constant movement,black againts the white sky. The tension is enhanced by:

Three: the urgency-time perceived as an enemy,shown by obsessive use of clocks (as indicated in the script); clocks looming larger as as time slips by,pendulums moving more and more slowly until time finally stands still,gradually creating an unreal,dreamlike,almost hypnotic effect of suspended animation.”  Fred Zinnemann from the book Fred Zinnemann an Autobiography


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