unfinished painting of State Patrol Trooper

About ten years ago I started a portrait in oil on canvas of a state patrol trooper that is a friend  of my oldest daughter and her husband. I don’t want to mention his name at this time but will share that he is a brave and decent man. This is another unfinished canvas that I recently found in a storage closet. I did complete a smaller portrait of him in a different technique. This unfinished painting does show part of my process painting in oil on canvas.

Step one in this process is to have the subject pose for photographs which will be used for reference. In this photo shoot I used slide film and print film taken with a film camera. I selected a pose for the trooper and selected a difference photo for the patrol car. The second step is to project the image with a slide projector on the canvas and draw an out line of the subject in graphite pencil. I than begin to establish light an dark areas in acrylic paint. This is as far as this painting progressed. Had I completed this painting I would have covered the canvas with a thin wash of acrylic paint and then begun applying glazes of oil paint  completely covering the pencil drawing.The size of this unfinished canvas is 24″wide by 30″ high.  Below are details of this painting and a finished oil painting of my youngest daughter when she was ten that was painted using this same process.

detail of hat and head


Audrey at Ten


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