Memories – Eating watermelon

Posted: November 23, 2011 in art,John_Dyess
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I’ve been studying photos from my parent’s photo album and decided to post this photo of some of my second cousins and my mother eating watermelon with Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana in the background. My mother is seated on the far left .I don’t remember where we were on the lake but it would have been on the northern side.We were visiting my father’s family. Who these people are is not as important, for my interest in studying this photo, but more the universal theme of relaxing and enjoying a day off. I think this scene could take place anywhere in the world.

When I study an old photo I think about what the process would be to create an illustration using the photo as reference. For me it wouldn’t began by using just computer software. I would find reference of water,clouds,historical swimsuits(this scene took place in the late 1940’s) dogs and pose models in a similar position as the people in the photo.I would create a drawing then I would paint it in color.

As I age I think about time and have come to the conclusion that there is just past time, for in a blink of my eye the present is the past. I think the future is an abstraction and a mystery. When I look at old  family photos my minds eye sees the scene more clearly than the faded scratched photo. Now almost everyone has a camera on them to take photos of family members. Back in the 40’s,when this photo was taken, most photos were black and white and for my family taking photos was a rare occasion saved for vacations and special events. Now, I think that in a life time of a recently born baby, they will have every moment of their life recorded.

Eating watermelon


Eating watermelon photo cropped


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