Graphic Novels-Will Eisner

Posted: January 27, 2012 in art,John_Dyess

Will Eisner self portrait while drawing The Spirit

I began teaching  illustration last Friday so I will be using my Friday blog post as a teaching tool for this class. When I began researching graphic novels I read that Will Eisner was “the father of the Graphic Novel”. I chose this self portrait drawn by Will Eisner because it could be a portrait of me at my drawing board from the 1960’s until now. my drawing board would be at the same angle, I would have a taboret to the right of my drawing board, a jar of water and various tools sitting on this taboret and lots of paint and ink stains on the drawing board. A friend, Bill Vann, used me as a model at a drawing board in the 1960’s,which is similar to the Will Eisner drawing. I’m also the man standing next to the artist.

drawing by Bill Vann,model John Dyess

Recently I spend much of my creative time sitting in front of a computer.

For several years, every class I teach at Meramec Community College, has several students that have an interest in drawing Graphic Novels. This year I’m going to give an assignment to my students to draw several pages and a  cover for a graphic novel of “Alice in Wonderland”.

The  written assignment for my students this Friday will be to write at least one page report on a Graphic artist artist.


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