History of St.Louis Advertising – Mad Ad-er’s Ball

Posted: February 7, 2012 in Mad-aders Ball
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Announcement for Mad-aders Ball

In 1986 I received a letter of invitation to  be a part of an art event for and about creative people in the St.Louis advertising community.I attended the first meeting and agreed to be chair of a committee to create a mural of the tea party in “Alice in Wonderland” which would be created by 16 illustrators from St.Louis

Invitation letter to illustrators to attend planning meeting

Letter to illustrations about Alice in Wonderland mural

The second letter was sent out to get six additional illustrators to create panels for the Alice in Wonderland mural. Tomorrow’s post will show the mural and describe the process.

  1. rjshay says:

    John, I just came across the Mad Hatter I did for that show. Funny! Thanks for posting. Good stuff!

    • johndyess says:

      Bob,I thought that was your drawing of the Mad Hatter. I will post the Mural of Mad Hatters tea party tomorrow painted by 16 artists. Don’t know if you read the letter from Dale Eldridge but he said he was in charge because Bill Vann had something pressing come up and couldn’t be the chair. I can’t believe this was in 1986. Time flies! I thought of this mural because my next illustration assignment is for my students to create a graphic novel of Alice in Wonderland. This is the second time I’ve given a Alice in Wonderland assignment. I had great results last time.

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