Hatter by R.J.Shay used in Mad Ad-ers Ball brochure

Hatter by Sir John Tenniel from an early printing of the book Alice in Wonderland

This is my Friday blog post for use as a teaching tool. The cartoon by R.J.Shay was printed in an announcement brochure for The Mad Ad-ers Ball ( September 1986) which was sponsored by STARS (St.Louis Advertising Resources Syndicate)  a non-profit organization comprised of local advertising professionals dedicated to strengthing the St.Louis advertising community.

R.J.Shay was inspired by the ink drawing by Sir John Tenniel. Shay used a similar pose but changed the face of the Hatter and added a martini glass in the Hatter’s hand.

I’ve illustrated many stories for text books,books and magazines and always read the stories I illustrated carefully so that I could create an accurate illustration. My next assignment for my illustration class, at Meramec Community College, is to create several panel pages and  a splash page  for a graphic novel of Alice in Wonderland. Below are questions my students will have to answer about the chapter “A Mad Tea Party”.

1. Was the name Mad Hatter used in this chapter?

2. How “high” was Alice at the beginning of the chapter?

3. How “high” was Alice at the end of the chapter ?

4. Describe the house of the March Hare.

Some of these answers are found in other chapters of Alice in Wonderland.

Answers to these questions will be in a later post.

Here is a link to other illustrations from Alice in Wonderland.

  1. Glenn Myers says:

    RJ is both one of a kind and yet one of an impressive cadre of great line artists throughout history, isn’t he!?! Sounds like a really good project to lead your aspiring illustrators through.

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