Readymade , drop cloth accepted by John Dyess

Last week I checked out a book,from the Meramec Community College library ,about the artist Arman and read about his work and the work of Marcel Duchamp. This is a description about the work of Duchamp from the book “Arman” written by Jan der Marck : ” Three notions emanating from Duchamp were ineradicably inscribed in history decades before they regained currency for a younger generation: the stark power of the Readymade;the role of chance in art;and the state of mind of disponibilite (availability),both of the artist to the world around him and of the viewer to whom art is addressed and on whom the artist relies to “complete,” in Duchamp’s terms ,”the cycle of creation.”

My friends Tim and Kathy Carson were moving to another city about five years ago and gave me a paint  drop cloth they didn’t want to move; the only thing on this cloth was black overspray from an aerosol can that was used to repaint lawn furniture. I liked this image and used it for a backdrop on various portraits,including some portraits of my wife Carolyn. I also intend someday to stretch this drop cloth on wood frames to perhaps sell as an abstract painting. So who is the creator of this “art”, the Carson’s or myself who saw the art design of this “Readymade”? The  cropped size of this “Readymade” is 92″wide by 65″high.

  1. Glenn Myers says:

    Sounds like a collaboration of nonrecognition and recognition to me.

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