Readymade # 2

Posted: March 14, 2012 in art,John_Dyess
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wasp nest

bath scrunchy

Several days ago I made a scan of a wasp nest, because I liked the design, and may at sometime do a digital drawing using this scan. . Today I noticed a “bath scrunchy” hanging from a hook in the shower and noticed that the “scrunchy” and the wasp nest had a similar design.

  1. Glenn Myers says:

    And they both kind of look like a sponge. John Foster’s presentation last night struck home, didn’t it!?! Ever since I was a kid one of my all time favorite pastimes has been combing creek beds and beaches for interesting rocks, shells, stuff that floated by or in. Fun to be observant, isn’t it!

    • johndyess says:

      I have been aware of John’s collecting for many years,in fact we have three of his paintings in our home. Yes,I decided on this post this morning and because of John’s talk last night I will be sharing images of things I have seen and created for a number of years. About eight years ago I started to give my students, at Meramec Community College, a semester long assignment,along with other assignments, called “A Journal of Seeing”. The idea of this assignment is for students to create pages in their journal of seeing as I did in this post,to see the design and abstraction in items they see every day. Sometimes the results were very good and lately some of the journals are like scrapbook pages,just decorations on a page with no real “seeing”. This is where I came up with my blog name about a year and a half ago. You also have been “seeing” for many years perhaps starting with combing creek beds and beaches.
      Thanks for making comments to my blog post.

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