Illustrations by John Dyess – Maritz Motivation Company 1976-1979

Posted: March 25, 2012 in Travel illustration for Maritz Motivation Company
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Client,ITT Grinnell,Illustration-by-John-Dyess

When I worked at Maritz Motivation Company from 1969 until 1980 I created many travel illustrations that were used to promote incentive programs for clients. This illustration was for ITtGrinnell and I don’t remember what their business product was or wether they are in business anymore. This was an interesting concept for this series of promotion mailers. The participants of this program received a poster size mailer with outlined shapes borders of various shapes printed on it an periodically they would receive an illustration ,the above illustration was one ,an they were supposed to adhere this illustration over the box with the same shape. This was printed in two colors and each panel was a different color.  I worked with a Graphic designer on most of my illustration projects.

ITT Grinnell mailer,illustration by John Dyess

This was another panel the participants placed over a border.

Cancun illustration by John Dyess

This color illustration was used on a mailer promoting a trip to Cancun.



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