1977 was a year of major change for me and it began with an announcement that Maritz Motivation Company,where I worked as an illustrator, would be hosting a show of illustrations of the faculty of the Illustrators workshop.

inter-office correspondence announcing the Illustrators Workshop faculty show.

Maritz announcement for the show of illustrations by the faculty of the Illustrators Workshop

At this time I didn’t know anything about the Illustrators Workshop but I was very familiar with the work of the faculty.

John Dyess working at Maritz March 1977.

I was asked to pick up Alan Cober at the St.Louis airport and drive him to Maritz where he was going to be a speaker at the opening of the show. I was teaching at Washington University at the time and along with Bud kemper another Maritz illustrator, we drove Alan to Washington University were Alan spoke with the students. Before we drove Alan back to the airport he asked us if we could drive him to The Gateway Arch in downtown St.Louis. While there he sketched the Arch and rode to the top of the Arch in an elevator.


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