Illustrators Workshop 1977 – page 3

Posted: March 28, 2012 in Illustrators Workshop 1977 page 3
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I received a letter on June 6,1977 from Michael J. Smollin,Managing Director The Illustrators Workshop, that everything was organized for my attendance at the 1977 Workshop,and Maritz had paid the full payment of the tuition fee.

Letter of acceptance from the Workshop

Two other Maritz artists were attending the workshop for a month ,Mike Foley and Jim Dickinson and one artist,Bud Kemper was attending the seminar for a week. I don’t know if Maritz paid all or a portion of the tuition for the other artists but I was thankful my tuition was paid in full and also my salary.I rode with Mike in his station wagon and Jim joined us driving his sports car. We left for the workshop early the morning of June 24th . My wife was not happy that I was going.

On the way to Marymont College in Tarrytown on Hudson,New York.

On arrival we went to Gailhac Residence Hall on Marymont campus. We went to Rita Hall  at 5:00 p.m. Sunday June 26th to meet the faculty and other students.

Photo of Gailhac Hall on postcard I sent to my son Mark

back of Gailhac Hall post Card

This postcard was in a file folder along with the other letters about the Workshop I have been displaying on my blog post.

campus map of Marymont college.

I included this campus map in case any former students of the Illustrators Workshop views my blog posts. The might find this interesting.


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