faculty of the Illustrators Workshop 1977

From left to right in the above photo are the faculty of the workshop; Bob Peak, Bernie Fuchs,Mark English,Alan Cober,Bob Heindel and Fred Otnes. Below is a statement from a brochure announcing the tenth anniversary program of the Illustrators Workshop.

Statement about how the beginning of the Illustrators Workshop.

Bob Peak on the telephone in his studio

Bob Peak drawing board

outside of Bob Peaks studio with students and Bob's Rolls Royce automobile

These photos are from a tour of Bob Peak’s studio. Behind his drawing board is a drawing by Bob of Buffalo Bill. One of the students from the tour sat on Bob’s Rolls and bob was no pleased. I think Bob was working or had just finished movie posters of Superman.

Alan Cobers studio

Alan Cobers drawing board.

Alan Cobers house

I think this photo is from Alan Cober’s house and I think his studio was detached from the main house.  I liked Alan Cober’s illustrations and met him several times after the worship was over.

This is Friday and I have included an assignment for my students at Meramec Community College which is near St. Louis, they are too watch two You Tube  portrait step by step demonstrations. One is by Mark English.

  1. Glenn Myers says:

    Obviously the only parallels that my studio, career and definitely cars with that of Bob Peak is a section of my drawing board that approximates the look of his. My son used a photo my daughter took to make up the side panels of my website. But that is something, isn’t it? Thanks for sharing your glimpses of the uber illustrators’ lives.

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