While I was scanning slides for this blog, a few minutes ago, I could hear children playing behind my house,and when I looked out the window I saw two boys with plastic swords. This made me think of illustrators Howard Pyle and N.C. Wyeth and story illustrations of pirates an knights. These children were probably pretending to be a super hero I don’t know,just as they would not know my heroes of many years ago.
Today’s blog is about Fred Otnes, with photos I took during a tour, with other workshop students, of his studio which was in his home.

Illustrators Workshop students with Fred Otnes home behind them

Illustrator Workshop students swimming in pool next to Otnes home.

Fred Otnes studio

collection of artwork on a table in Fred Otnes home

Fred Otnes by 1977 was at the peak of his illustration career which was a time,I think, narrative illustration was not popular. I think of Fred Otnes as a graphic designer at this stage of his career and not as an illustrator. The most recent information I have found on the internet describes Fred Otnes as a collage artist.
Today,I think, with the popularity of graphic novels and video games, narrative illustration is back.

  1. Eric Fowler says:

    I remember that workshop vividly. Fred had the most impressive home and amazing pool.
    I am proud of the fact that the Society of Illustrators Hall of Fame committee chose to induct Fred Otnes and Alan Cober and Robert Heindel last year!
    That completes the set.
    Would like to reminisce with you.
    Eric Fowler

    • johndyess says:

      Eric ,Thanks for responding to my e-mail and thanks for making a comment. It is now on my Illustrators Workshop page 5 post. I will be creating more pages about the workshop and hope you can add your memories to my posts. After thirty five years I have lost some of my memories of this wonderful experience. The purpose of my blog has become a way for me to share a little of the history of illustrators I have known. I recently found a folder I have kept since the workshop and found a note from you and a promotional mailer of your illustrations you had included in your note. Other workshop artists had sent me letters and I hope somehow
      they can find my blog with my workshop posts. If you don’t mind I would like to show some of the images on your promotional mailer and put a link to your website. My next post will be Monday.

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