students sitting around Dick Gangel Art Director Sports Illustrated

Dick Gangel ,in the yellow shirt, is sitting on the grass outside a lecture hall on Wednesday, June 29,1977.  The time would be about 4:00. I know this date and time because I still have the Seminar Schedule. I think what was special for me, about the workshop, is that it was like going to Disney World. People were nice ,the sun was shinning ,I was around my peers and I had no responsibilities except to enjoy the experience. This was the world of the Illustrators Workshop from June 26 until July 22,1977 at Marymount College.
The world of New York City in 1977 was a lot different, especially the evening of July 13,1977  the night the lights went out in New York City and the surrounding towns ,like Tarrytown.

I remember sitting on the steps outside of Gailhac Residence Hall, watching the evening sun shinning on billowing clouds, not knowing these clouds would cause a blackout when lighting struck
a Consolidated Edison substation. The lights went out at the workshop but that just created another experience of fun. Students came out of their rooms and went outside to cool down and to party.

This was also the period of time that the Son of Sam was shooting and killing  strangers. I remember one student that took the train back from New York City saying a bullet came  through  a train
window. I also first became  aware of  of the movie Star Wars,when some young male students came back from viewing it and were pretending they had Lightsabers. When I returned home after the workshop I took my three children to see episode 4 of Star Wars.

While writing this post I thought of a few lines from the poem  Ash Wednesday  by T.S. Eliot ;

Because I know that time is always time
And place is always and only place
And what is actual is actual only for one time

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