Assignment 1 The Performing Arts.

The students at the workshop were given two assignments to complete in the remaining three weeks of the workshop after the first week seminar and the first  assignment  is above.
Shortly before I left for the workshop I shot reference photos of a group of singers in a plaza  in downtown St.Louis.

reference photo 1

reference photo 2

reference photo three

Country Singer with barn

I created two illustrations for this assignment,one of a singer with a landscape in the background which was done using Dr. Martins dye, magic marker and graphite pencil on prepared acetate and one larger illustration of two singers created using gesso, acrylic paint and pencil on cold press illustration board.

two singers by John Dyess 1977

There was a second assignment which was to create a cover for a paperback book called “The Understudy”. There was a chapter were an actor dreams he becomes a lion,I think,it’s been 35 years ago.Below is my take on the book cover.

illustration for the understudy by John Dyess the illustrators workshop





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