Connie Connallyon left,Mke Foley in middle,Stephanie Barken on right.

Stepanie Barken on left and Connie Connally on right

The above are friends at the workshop,Mike Foley I’ve known since we attended Affton High School in Missouri,Stephanie Barken and Connie Connally I met at the workshop. Stepanie was from St. Louis and worked for Mary Engelbreit. Connie Connally was from Wichita,Kansas and  after her illustration career became a painter. I had dinner with Connie and her husband in September of 1977, while I was in Witchita to discuss with a client  an illustration  project for Gates Lear Jet.

Connie Connally working in her room

Stephanie Barken working in her room

Mike Foley in tennis shoes standing in the hall not working.

The  following photos were taken during the seminar and workshop in 1977.

seminar students and quest speaker 1977

Bob Heindel in brown jacket surround by students 1977

students with a lady friend

I believe the seminar student laying down is Wes Kendal .I worked with Wes in the 1960's at Scott Air Force Base.

I think these students are looking at the illustrations of Bob Heindel.

  1. Jim Trotter says:

    good old days.

    thanks for sharing.

    jim trotter

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