This is my final post of my series about the 1977 Illustrators Workshop.  I have included letters I received during the workshop from my children and letters I received, after I returned, from  friends I had made at the workshop. A few letters I received from friends helped me get through a difficult period of my life.

letter from my daughter Christy 1977

letter from my son Mike 1977

letter from my son Mark

The two letters below are letters from friends from the  1977 Illustrators Workshop. They didn’t realize that their letters helped my self esteem while I was going through a separation and divorce. These letters also contain a small bit of the history of illustration from 1977. I have recently been in touch with Connie Connally through email but lost touch with Julie Alessi. I hope they don’t mind me sharing their letters.

letter from Connie Connally page 1

letter from Connie Connally page 2

I hope Connie’s life wasn’t as hectic while she was creating illustrations for Lear Jet  as my life was while I was creating illustrations for Lear Jet. Connie thanks for the letter.

letter from Julie page 1 1978

letter from Julie page 2 1978

letter from Julie page 3 1978

letter from Julie page 4

Julie spoke of visiting Anita ,which would have been Anita Kunz,who attended the 1977 Illustrators Workshop and became successful and won many awards.She was part of a group of Canadians that attended the workshop. I hope I responded to Julie’s letter but if I didn’t I hope someday she will see this blog post and read this reply to her letter.
Julie,Merry Christmas and Happy Easter and thanks for thinking of me in Jan of 1978. I didn’t move to New York but got representation from Mulvey and Associates during the workshop and have created art for various national magazines. I hope all is well with you and I am sure you had a successful career.
My thanks to these friends from the workshop for sending me samples of their work,Eric Fowler,Bob Brown,Steve McCoy and Paul Gleason.

It is time to return my 1977 Illustrators Workshop folder to the file cabinet. I’m glad I saw it recently and was able to share a small amount  of information about illustration during the 1970’s. I will soon post an epilogue of what happened to me after the workshop.
Thanks to those who have read my posts.

  1. John, these have been wonderful posts. I have so enjoyed reliving my Illustrator Workshop days. Wishing you continued success!! Connie

    • johndyess says:

      Connie, I’m glad I found my file folder about the workshop. It have enjoyed this process of sharing my photos and memories of that wonderful month in the summer of 1977. Keep in touch and send me any notice or info on gallery shows of your work. I enjoy viewing your paintings. I contacted Stephanie Barken by email and she is going to send me a digital scan of a photo she has of a group of students at the workshop. I’m in that photo and we are all wearing the official blue work shirt on the last day of the workshop. I don’t have any photos of myself from the workshop so I am looking forward to seeing this photo.

  2. Glenn Myers says:

    John, thanks for sharing the personal notes especially those from your children. they really know how to be concise, don’t they!

  3. Patrick Pollei says:

    I also want to thank you John for bringing back such great memories.


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