Great Horned Owl illustration by John Dyess

Posted: April 20, 2012 in art,John_Dyess

detail from Great Horned Owl Ink and watercolor drawing

Pen and ink and watercolor drawing by John Foster Dyess

This post contains two teaching moments. This is my Friday post which is used as a teaching tool for my illustration students at Meramec Community College, in St. Louis County.
The first teaching moment is about what I see when I am creating a visual image, which is demonstrated by showing a detail from my pen and ink and watercolor drawing of a Great Horned Owl.
The second teaching moment I got from a recent book I purchased titled “Saul Bass A life in Film and Design“. Saul Bass created a  film in 1968 titled “Why Man Creates” and within that movie is a segment titled “Fooling Around”. The film asked “Where do ideas come from?” and answers, “From looking at one thing,and seeing another. From fooling around…”
One of my assignments for my students is to create a journal of observing and recording and the project is titled “A Journal Of Seeing”.  I hope by watching this movie they begin to understand the
purpose of this assignment. I have been giving this assignment for about ten years which is why I chose “A Journal Of Seeing” for the title of my blog.


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