Quotes by artist Milton Glaser

Posted: May 4, 2012 in art,John_Dyess

Designs by Milton Glaser

This is the last post of the spring semester, for my students in Illustration 1 and Illustration 2, at Meramec Community College in St. Louis. They are completing their journal of observing and recording and I wanted to share some of the comments made by Milton Glaser on the process of drawing and designing. Here is a link to a short movie about Milton Glaser by Hillman Curtis.

  1. Glenn Myers says:

    Glaser, the icon of graphics of my early days. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I really enjoyed seeing the posters I remember so well. But, I am still amazed at Glaser’s genius and lust for a life expressed through art. Great post, John. I hope your students appreciate your contributions.

    • johndyess says:

      Thanks for commenting on my blog. As a “seasoned” person I am also amazed at Milton’s lust for life. I’m glad I still have passion for my art. I can see in your work that same lust for life. I think my students look forward to my posts. I will be showing some of my students illustrations this week. One more week to go for this semester. I’m scheduled to teach in the Fall but I won’t know until about a week before class starts if the enrollment is enough for the class to be a go.

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