Go ON by John Foster Dyess

No subject . Texture and color only created using a copy machine,liquid acrylic paint and technical pen.Created May 8,2012

detail of painting “Go ON” by John Foster Dyess

  1. Glenn Myers says:

    Having fun creating. Exactly as it should be. Maybe the best guidance you can instill in your students. Your talent, abilities and experience should be enough to introduce them to the tools and attitude toward the work that’s needed. But helping them understand the balance with fun needed in the creative process/adventure . . . they need to have at least a glimpse of that. On a lighter note, The Flying McCoys were predictably funny. Glenn was sharing his work on the “I’m Despicable”‘ movie and others . . . his is an uninterrupted flow of creativity totally unleashed! To think he used to come over to my office/studio in Belleville while he was still in high school and show his portfolio of over the top amazing work and just want to talk about the business . . . wow, has he ever reached to far places!

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