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Posted: May 20, 2012 in Olympic poster by students
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Samantha Eatherton Olympic poster

Samantha Eatherton Olympic symbol and mascot

March 23, 2012

Assignment: Illustrations for the 2016 Summer Olympics

Assignment description: Create the following illustrations

• Select a city  that would be the host for the 2016 Olympics

• Summer Olympics event symbol:

Draw a black and white symbol for a Summer Olympics event. This could be track and field, gymnastics, swimming to name a few. Research the kinds of events held during the Summer Olympics. Final drawing may be rendered in ink on paper, or computer generated hard copy. Thumbnails and preliminary drawings required.

• Summer Olympics Poster:
Create a full color poster illustration that would be used to promote the 2016 Summer
Olympics. This illustration should include the name of the city,an image that represents this city,and the Olympic Rings. (research the Olympic Rings) Other images could be  included. The print output should be 12” x 18” landscape or portrait orientation.

•  Create a design for a mascot for this city’s 2016 Summer Olympics. (this is optional ,but
would be a way to make -up semester absences.)

Due date for thumbnails of event symbol and poster is 2:00 p.m. March 30,2012
Finished illustrations are due the beginning of class April 20, 2012.
If you have ideas that are not included in this assignments, please discuss this with me .

Daniel Madrigal Olympic poster

Daniel Madrigal Olympic symbols

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