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Detail 1 of “Union” by John Dyess

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase” Martin Luther King Jr.

This post is about creating for the joy of it,which is what I have been doing for the last five days. The above image is a mixed media drawing/painting I have been creating during the last five days. Below is the step by step process I have taken to create this image. A week ago Thursday I looked a an art book titled Manolo Millares  that was in the room at the St. Louis Artists’ Guild.This room is where  informal drawing and painting from model sessions take place.During a model break I began looking at the paintings of Manolo Millares and was inspired by his paintings. I went online several days later and printed some of paintings.I used One of his paintings as a starting point for my painting Union.

Manolo Millares painting Cuadro 23

Union stage 1

My painting/drawing “Union” is a study which I think has led me to a new direction for my art.I had read that Millares had used muslin in his paintings so I went to Ben Franklin and bought a few yards of a similar material. At a local hardware store I bought a bucket of Speed Patch which is a blacktop crack and hole repair paste. With a trowel I covered a piece of corrugated board which is 18″ wide by 24″ high. I cut out several pieces of muslin and pasted them on the board. I then painted the muslin white with 1st step Block Filler which  has little pieces of something mixed with the paint. both the blacktop paste and the paint dry rapidly with a mat textured finish. They have little oder,which is a good thing even though I was creating this painting outside. While looking at Millares painting I saw a shape that looked like a work glove ,so I pasted  an old work glove , I had in my garage, on my painting “Union”. I painted the glove white. While the blacktop paste was still wet I made marks in it with the end of a small brush. I daubed some white paint on the black background and that was the end of stage one.

Union stage 2

I diluted some black oil paint with paint thinner and with a 2″ synthetic brush stained the white and black areas of my pianting. I loosely painted over the stain with acrylic paint and that was the end of phase 2.

Union stage 3 and 4

I forgot to take photos of stage three so I have combined the description of stage 3 and 4. I had strips of a drop cloth, I had torn up for another collage,that were about one inch wide and glued them to my painting. The strips had “accidental” color on them which I liked.I then did a “Jackson Pollock” with my two inch brush loaded with white paint. I studied the results up to this point and then had an a-hah moment. With my Berol 0.05 technical pencil I began to make marks on the white paint, I began to draw.I had the realization that was what I enjoyed the most while creating illustrations of things ,like fish and fruits and people, it was the making of marks and the subject matter was incidental. I also used a fine line marker on the white paint and used Pro white paint with a small brush to make marks on the black paint. I also added small patches of color with liquid acrylic ink.That was the end of stages 3 and 4. Another idea I have been thinking about is to encourage the viewer of my paintings to get very close to view what I have seen while creating,seeing my marks.Recently I like to show details of my paintings on my website studiodyess.com and blog. Perhaps this is the best way to show my work. This painting is a prototype and I will use what I have learned on other paintings.  I have come up with ideas for other paintings by taking the first step.

Detail 2 Union

Detail 3 Union

Detail 4 Union

Here another  link to my friend Rev.Tim Carson’s blog Vital Wholeness. I think it is connected to what I am thinking recently.

  1. Glenn Myers says:

    Simply put, I LIKE IT A LOT! The process seems like fun and sort of lightning strikes. I hope it was!

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