Visual images by JoDye

Posted: June 5, 2012 in Abstract visual images by JoDye
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Abstract 1 by JoDye

abstract 2 by JoDye

I’ve always have had a visual split personality when I create my art. One personality is as an illustrator creating realistic images and the other is my joy in creating abstract ,graphic images. To separate the two visual personalities I have begun to sign my illustrations John Foster Dyess and my abstract images JoDye. These images were created on June 4,2012.

Abstract detail

  1. Ed Koehler says:

    These are great John. See you Tuesday at Keuker fest!

  2. dpomeroy says:

    I love these… Would like to know more about them, like what are the dimensions; are they on paper?

    • johndyess says:

      Thanks for asking. Currently these images are digital so the dimensions vary and they are a recent combination of my photographs taken over the past three years and digital photographs of textured paintings I have created. Some of the textures were found art that I saw on a painters drop cloth. I had used these drop cloths to protect a table while creating traditional paintings. I create a high contrast black and white image from my photographs. I focus on the abstract qualities of the photo. I hope to convert these digital images into large traditional paintings. Actually the first images i created in this style were the images you commented on. I am enjoying the process.My photographs can be viewed at Aminus3

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