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Stop Killing

  1. Glenn Myers says:

    It looks like you’re sending a message. I hope it gets through. There seems to be a constant stream of people who in a terrifying way are sending out messages but are not able to receive the message you are sending out. Certain folks will latch on to the guns involved as if the answer lay somewhere in that or in fertilizer and trucks, jet fuel, gasoline in bottles, canisters of gas or biological agents unleashed in a subway or ventilation system of some huge venue filled with thousands of innocent people. We could condemn and get rid of all these as well as any other useful tool to reek havoc on others and still the jaded, hurt mind of a single individual hidden among us with some perceived ill done to him/her will find a way to do this again. I hope your message gets through, John. There is a message out there, and it is simply wrapped up in a single image of a cross. If that message will be received then all of our need for messaging will be met. I guess we must continue to wait. But it will be completed.. . I just don’t know when.

  2. johndyess says:

    I did this piece over ten years ago and post it whenever there is an event like the shooting Friday. The gun is just a symbol for any murder. The important message is “Stop Killing”. I think Jesus died because of our sins and not for our sins. The symbol for Jesus ,to me, is a hand reaching out to help the poor and the outcast of society. We must stop waiting and reach out with love.

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