Porcelain Dragon

Last Friday my wife and I went to the “Lantern Festival: Art by Day,Magic by Night” at The Missouri Botanical Garden, which is in St.Louis Missouri, where I took photos of the Lantern Exhibits. Hundreds of other people were also taking photos of these lanterns,with their excellent cameras, so I’m sure the photos I am sharing on this post are not unique. I chose three that I thought shows my vision of this art.The above photo is from the display titled Porcelain Dragon which was actually two dragons facing each other. I was attracted to the smoke coming out of the dragons head plus the shapes  of the porcelain plates. This installation consisted of 40,000 individual pieces of porcelain tied together using ancient techniques.

Nine-Dragon Mural

This is another dragon display and I took this photo because I liked the shapes and colors. I did some work in photoshop and cropped the photo to make it more interesting visually to me.

Blissful Wedding

As I was walking by the lanterns I was attracted by the silhouettes of the viewers standing in front of the lanterns. I cropped this photo and adjusted the contrast.

  1. hi John,

    see this link. you can zoom in


    On Aug 13, 2012,

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great photos, John. We did the Lantern Festival last week and it was great. See you tomorrow night.

  3. rjshay says:

    great stuff, john! great pics at night. thanks!

  4. Glenn Myers says:

    That was a great photo op! I got a few good ones too. We’re on our way east in a few minutes. Talk to you when we’re back.

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