Mitt Romney digital portrait by John Foster Dyess

This post is about my thoughts on Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand,a book which seems to be a Tea Party favorite. This a a long book,over a thousand pages in the paperback version, which I read about halfway through and finished by listening to a recorded book.
It is about a group of factory owners,inventors, railroad owners, mine owners and teachers. The book begins with the sentence. “Who is John Galt ?” This mysterious character finally appears about halfway into the book where we find out that he is recruiting the “elite” of the world to drop out and live in a commune because of the fact that evil unions and incompetent government leaders are too much of a barrier for them to succeed. They decide to take away their superior knowledge from a stupid ungrateful world. It is also about the main character Dagny Taggart having affairs with three of the male characters including John Galt.
When I was attending Washington University I was a fan of “The Fountainhead” by Ayn Rand but as I matured I thought of the main character,Howard Roark, as a terrorist. This story is also about the main characters having an affair.


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