portrait of Denny McDaniel by John Foster Dyess

I believe this was the first time I used squares in my illustrations and paintings. I will be posting other images that contain squares in future posts. This illustration was created for print advertisement for Firstbank in St.Louis in 1980. The art director gave me a lot of freedom in the design and technique of this illustration. This was a series of portraits, created by many St. Louis illustrators, of business owners that used Firstbank. I did three drawings in this series.This is a portrait of Denny McDaniel,President of Southwest Truck Body. His company built truck bodies, for the U.S. Army, that contained many compartments and that is why I choose to use the square design in this illustration. This layout was my concept. The art director gave me black and white photos of Denny in different poses and photos of the truck bodies built by Southwest Truck Body.  This is a graphite pencil drawing on cold press illustration board that had a coat of gesso painted on the surface. The size was about thirty inches wide by twenty inches high. Denny McDaniel was given the drawing.

Firstbank advertisement

These ads appeared in newspapers and trade magazines.

  1. Glenn Myers says:

    John, I remember this art and ad. I thought it was great then and still do. The square motif led to many options to add interest to the overall design. It stayed in my memory and I used a similar approach in some of my now lost efforts.

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