St. Louis Gateway Arch

This painting of the St. Louis Gateway Arch was based on photographs I took. I took photos of the Arch from many angles and chose the angle taken when the Sun was low in the sky before sunset. I entered this mixed media painting in the Arts for the Parks competition,which encouraged artists to create paintings of National Parks. This painting wasn’t chosen but several years later another painting I did of the Statute of Liberty was accepted in the the top two hundred paintings selected.
Reproduction rights to this painting of the Arch were sold to the St.Louis University School of Medicine. A friend, Michael Smit, was the designer of this poster. Below is a detail from the painting. I began the painting drawing a pencil grid on illustration board. Sunlight on the North leg was very important to me. The size of this painting is 18″ wide by 24″ high.

Detail from the painting of the St.Louis Gateway Arch by John Foster Dyess

  1. Anonymous says:

    John, this is a beautiful piece! Nice!!

  2. Glenn Myers says:

    Thanks for posting one of my favorites!

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