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Posted: September 6, 2012 in Hidden Agenda
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Hidden Agenda by John Foster Dyess

The title of this image came after its’ completion. This image was accepted in the juried show “All Things Considered” ,July 1997, and the size is 16″ wide x 17″ high. I don’t remember the complete process of the creation of this image but I remember that I painted my hands black and made prints of them. The center and left portrait of me was created by placing my face on a black and white copy machine, the   portrait on the right was created by masking the shapes in the face and using my palm prints to create the shadow area. I used a Rapidograph pen with black ink to add detail to this face. The 1/4 th inch squares were drawn with a 03 HB technical pencil.The color was applied using an airbrush containing liquid acrylic paint.

detail from Hidden Agenda by John Foster Dyess

  1. Glenn Myers says:

    AH ha! JohnDSquared = ART . Got it! Finally, your “formula” is revealed!

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