doodle by John Foster Dyess

Doodle  a rough drawing made absentmindedly.

Tuesday night I was at a board meeting and during the discussions I began to doodle on a financial report handout while listening to the board discuss various issues. When I got home I kept this doodle ,well,because I liked the image and will keep it on file to use in a future digital or traditional collage. This Friday post is also a teaching moment for my illustration one and two class at Meramec Community College in St.Louis, Missouri and the subject will be about using doodling as part of the creative process.

Recently I discovered a website ,which I like, called one drawing a day that displays sketches by various artists. Some of these sketches are like doodles. Starting today my students will be given an assignment to observe and record visual information by sketching and doodling. I require thumbnail drawings for all my assignments given to students. I prefer that these thumbnails are created like a doodle, just a recording of ideas based on memory without going to the computer to find reference.
One of my favorite illustrators is Jack Unruh, that graduated from Washington University in St. Louis the  spring semester before I started attending Washington University. I found in a file,I keep, of Jack’s printed illustrations a drawing he had created early in his career that reminds me of a doodle. Jack draws from his imagination which to me makes his illustrations unique.

Jack Unruh drawing

  1. Glenn Myers says:

    No drawing is made absentmindedly. It’s just that the mind chose to work at a higher level than what was going on. I’ve served on boards and school boards so I’m sure you just rose to the occasion!

  2. johndyess says:

    Especially when talking about numbers. My secret is out. My mind was drifting

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