The past and the future.

Posted: October 26, 2012 in art,John_Dyess, fishing illustrations by John Dyess

A reel love affair by John Dyess 1991

My post for last Friday, October 19, was about the birth of my grandson Dominic John. I also used that post for a written assignment I gave to my Illustration one and two students at Meramec Community College. I asked my students to write their thoughts on how illustration and design(communication) will be different when Dominic is Twenty years old. Today’s post is about how some things,for me, has stayed the same,and also about how Bill Gates saw the future,in 1995, of the internet and technology. Bill Gates wrote a book around 1995 called “The Road Ahead” about his vision of the future.
My fishing illustration above appeared in an issue of Update Magazine in 1991 for an article about the fishing industry. Recently I created twelve illustrations for  three issue of Bassmaster magazine in the same style as the Update illustration. Some things don’t change.

illustration for Bassmaster magazine 2012

This was a spot illustration printed about 3″ wide. I would enjoy hearing from the viewers of this post about what the think the future of communication and art will be twenty years from now.


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