A horse and mountains by John Dyess 1956

I painted A horse and mountains in 1956 when I was a seventeen year old  student at Affton High School. Next Tuesday I will be on a panel discussing my illustration class, at Meramec Community College, that has five professional students and nine students that are not professional. This panel discussion will be held during an illustration section meeting at the St. Louis Artist Guild. The discussion will include myself , four of the professional students and a few of the non-professional students. We will be discussing the importance of having mentors in the classroom. I hope we can focus on what the professional students and the  non-professional students have learned from each other. I will be showing in this blog and several more this week, my student art in high school and at Washington University and art I have created during my fifty years as a professional illustrator. I will discuss what I learned in school and how I still use these skills I learned over fifty years ago. This blog is about illustrations of horses.

Christmas card for Bud Light by John Dyess early 1980’s

Horse Race by John Dyess

Calendar page for a 1990 Southwestern Bell calendar.

cover illustration for Mattie’s Whisper

This book by Alice DeLaCroix was published in 1992 by Caroline House-Boyds Mills Press.
I saw a link to an article about teaching on my friend John Smith’s blog that I want my illustration 1 and 2 students to read.

I like to draw animals in their environment,  I have gotten many assignments to draw animals and it began with my painting of a horse and mountains in high school.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Obviously, John, when it comes to horsing around you have always excelled.

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