One Hundred Neediest cases 1960

My illustration of the young boy was printed in the St.Louis Post Dispatch in 1960. It was drawn with a graphite pencil and was one of the techniques I continued to use though out my career as an illustrator.

Accent on Bars

This was one of a series of drawings, of Air Force officers,I drew while working as a civilian employee at Scott Air Force Base in the early 1960’s.I continued to draw portraits for clients during my career by didn’t choose to create cartoons.

James Maritz portrait drawing

This drawing of James Maritz was created from a black and white photo. I was employed at Maritz Motivation Company at this time which was during the 1970’s

drawing of Willie Mcgee by John Dyess

In 1983 I was given an assignment by the St.Louis Cardinals to draw pencil portraits of the managers,coaches and players of the  1982 World Champions.These drawings were printed in a Baseball Digest that was given out at a Cardinals baseball game.  In 1983 the photos of the team members were of varying quality,mostly black and white  and that is why the Baseball Cardinals choose me to create drawings for a consistent look. The original drawings were about 6″ by 8″ and were reproduced in the Baseball Digest about one inch high.

  1. Anonymous says:

    It is always interesting to see how the simplest and most basic drawing instrument can be used in the hand of a master draftsman to create extremely high level art. And to keep in touch with the traditional art of masters back over centuries. Ain’t art the best there is!?!

  2. johndyess says:

    Yes, art is the best and I have thought that for about sixty five years.

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