Dada,Kurt Schwitters and Barron Storey

Posted: November 16, 2012 in Barron Storey
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cover art of Anna Blume by Kurt Schwitters

I’ve created collage art for many years along with other styles of art, and enjoy this process. Several years ago I read a book on Dada and became aware of the art of Kurt Schwitters. I have enjoyed the illustrations and paintings of Barron Storey for many years,I especially  like viewing his drawings. The assignment I am giving to my Meramec Community College illustration students today, will be to create a collage illustration on the theme of “power”. This is not power in the sense of electricity,coal,wind,etc.,but power that forces us as a people,like power of authority,personal power and power struggle. This is based on an article on that displayed illustrations by various artists on the theme of power.



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