Maritz Motivation Company – being a star

Posted: November 27, 2012 in art,John_Dyess

cartoon by Charles Ruhmann

In my last post about the illustrator Tom Lavelle,I had mentioned that Tom had suggested that I should work at Maritz and that I would be a “star”.
I did work at Maritz from 1969 and until 1980 and was respected and received honors while at Maritz. I think at times I might have let this respect and honors received cause my ego to swell. That might have inflamed other artists at times. The above cartoon by Charles Ruhmann speaks to the fact that when clients came to visit Maritz and the art department, in the Eastern region where I worked ,my cubicle became the place the tour guides would stop at. I think illustrators got more attention during these tours,maybe because they painted “pretty pictures”. The designers were sometimes left out. The guide in this cartoon was Al Schmiz ,an art department chair. He is the one with a beard.

John Dyess at Maritz early 1970’s

The above photo is me, sometime during the early 1970’s,while working at Maritz. I would have been in my early thirties. Behind me,hanging on the walls of my cubicle are samples of illustrations I had created, for clients of Maritz Motivation Company. I may have been the first to display my illustrations. My goal during my career at Maritz was to leave and go into business for myself as a free lance illustrator,which I did in 1980. I wanted to work on the best four color assignments in my region ,which is why I displayed my illustrations for self promotion. I enjoyed working at Maritz and it was difficult to make the decision to leave,but I had to try being self employed.

Washington University teachers from Maritz

I began my career as a adjunct teacher,at Washington University, while working at Maritz.I taught at Washington University from 1975 until 1980. I was asked to continue teaching there ,after I began my freelance business in 1980, but I declined. I regret doing this.I look, in this photo, as if I just came from
painting a wall of a cave. I had big hair in 1975. My friend Mike Foley also taught at Washington University while employed at Maritz.
When I left Maritz in 1980 I left a protected environment.
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