The above fishing illustration,which I created for the Maritz Motivation Company Book of Awards, is the beginning of my career creating fishing illustrations. Charlie Gardner ,who worked for Mulvey Associates, as a representative that showed my illustrations in New York City, showed this illustration and other pen and ink illustrations I had created for Maritz, to Field and Stream Magazine in 1978 and got me the assignment shown below. I received other illustrations from Field and Stream,and for the past thirty five years other illustrations from most of the major outdoor magazines.

Fishing illustration for Field and Stream magazine


  1. Glenn Myers says:

    This reminded me to tell you that I ran across your illustrations for Bass Master magazine while waiting for my car to be serviced a few weeks ago. I knew it was yours before I checked the credit line.

  2. johndyess says:

    Having my illustrations printed in magazines has always been a plus for me. Showing a painting in a gallery maybe gets me a hundred views and having an illustration printed in a magazine gets me thousands of views. Thanks for sharing that you saw my illustration in Bass Master.

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